EU citizens: working in Germany

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Entry and residence in Germany for EU citizens

Citizens of EU member states may enter Germany at any time and stay for up to three months without any additional requirements to be met. EU citizens only must be able to identify themselves by a valid identity card (passport).

Stays exceeding three months

A right to stay in Germany for more than three months is granted to EU citizens, if they
- are an employee (and thus have a valid employment contract)
- are self-employed
- are searching for a job (yet in this case only for a certain time)

Additionally to that, non-working EU citizens, students or trainees, require sufficient personal resources and health insurance coverage to be entitled to stay for more than three months.

EU citizens enjoying the right of permanent residence, thus those, who live in Germany lawfully for more than five years, may also stay for more than three months. Furthermore, the family members of the above named EU citizens enjoy the right of permanent residence regardless of their citizenship.

These sets of circumstances reveal the main idea that EU citizens generally require sufficient personal resources to support themselves and their family members to be entitled to stay for more than three months.

They must not call upon social benefits of the German state.

EU citizens: Work and employment in Germany

EU citizens have the right to engage in economic activities in Germany under the same conditions than Germans, thus to work employed or self-employed and also to offer and receive services.

Until the end of 2013 restrictions concerning the freedom of movement for workers apply for citizens of Romania and Bulgaria as new members of the EU.