2018-11 Moi University BSc.Computer Engineering



I hereby tender my application for the afore-mentioned position in your organisation. I am a freelance IT technician with experiences of developing network access lists (ACL’s),creating and maintaining Active Directory, PXE and SCCM administration, CCME administration, DHCP monitoring, Windows Server administration and evaluating network performance also performance tuning through troubleshooting network problems. For instance hands-on soft hardwares & softwares like Wireshark, Exinda, Snort, Squid & Squid guard. I have an accumulated 3 years’ hands-on experience in the field of Information Technology working as an IT support staff for Intouch Bureau Technologies. My experience covers the basic IT units from programing (JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), networking, as well as website development. I also have sales experience working for Habriss Express Company as a direct sales executive. I work at Davis & Shirtliff Group Limited as IT subsidiary Support where I was directly involved in ensuring the Networks are up and running and providing IT assistance to colleagues . During this period, I have had the chance to learn as well as exercise the skills and knowledge I have acquired in my course of study plus working experience, a phase which has been decisive in choosing my career path. Having had contact with the corporate domain and diverse knowledge in Information Technology, I can confidently state that am the best man for the job adding that I have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, I am responsive to my colleagues and I am eager to help whenever possible. I am good at team work, able to consider and analyse different opinions, and take the lead when necessary. I am good at persuading others by creating relationships based on mutual trust and understanding and possess a wide understanding of information technology, word-processing software and spread sheets.

Yours Sincerely,