safety environment (QA0

2017-07 Constanta Maritime University , Romania Marine Engineering and Navigation
2013 - 10 delta state school of maritime tech. Industrial safety and environmental management
safety officer

o Coordination of safety-related operations instructions and presentation.
o To ensure that all work equipment is in compliance with safety regulations
o To ensure a safe working environment
o To display a pro-active and innovative to hazardous working environment and take all necessary measures to prevent workplace accident
o Ensure fire prevention equipment are effective and efficient on a day to day basis
o to investigate accidents and identify root causes of accident/incident
o act with initiative, planning for the prevention of future reoccurrence of accident /incident

technical support analyst

 Supported and provided information in technology through the resources department on problem analysis and resolutions.
 Replacing parts and responding to breakdowns.
 Participating in safety course

I\\\'m in interested my field of study and area of specialization which is basically marine engineering and navigation, industrial safety and environmental management. I have a bachelor degree in marine engineering and navigation and I also hold a national diploma in industrial safety and environmental management with experience in the aforementioned fields.  

 other fields such as food/ beverage processing, textile, machine and plant construction, mental and tool engineering, transportation and warehouse logistics, and transportation via sea are of interest to me. 

I’m passionate, innovative and well-trained graduate in Marine engineering and Navigation with experiences in the field of Safety and environmental engineering/ management. Skilled in Strategic Planning and logistics, Safety and environmental engineering, general transportation and Maritime Operations. Strong professional operation management/ coordination, Microsoft office with a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) and a National Diploma (ND) in the above mention fields.

Granted I have a passion to work in my field of study but this does not mean I’m not open to other areas of learning, I can work in any filed as far as the aim is to improve my skills and proficiency, my policy is “what is worth doing is worth doing well”,

Therefore, whatever I do as far it is good for me and the people around me, I take the job it seriously and I don’t joke about it. I enjoy seeing people enjoying my work once is business is business I adhere to guideline and rules of my employer, company or state.

The bottom line is if I cannot get what I desire in my field that is not a problem for me because I’m flexible, adaptable and yielding. I strongly believe that with this my little explanation I have been able to convincingly express my desire, I hope my humble request will be favorably considered.