Systems/Network administrator

2011-12 Faculdades Anhanguera de Valinhos Computer Science
I.T. Analyst(Brazil)

Project Design, VMware Virtual Datacenter, storage SAN/NAS, backup routines.
Windows Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, File Server, WSUS, AD, IIS, WINS.
Linux DHCP, DNS, SAMBA, Dansguardian, LDAP, Network Routing and Switching.
03/2008 to 08/2008
11/2006 to 03/2008
08/2004 to 11/2006
Dec 2011
Outdoor Radios, Wireless configuration and management, Office 365, Exchange
Management, Creation of firewall rules, desktop support, printers, helping all the
team with problem solving, weekly meeting with the team to discuss about
projects and feedbacks, documentation and procedures of all the I.T. process.

Network Administrator

Responsible for Desktop Support companies remote and onsite, Windows Server AD creation and administration, creation of users and emails, WSUS configuration and administration, Mikrotik router configuration, checklists, troubleshoot. Call to the users to support Windows, Office and general software issues. Implementation of new servers with different roles.

VMWare specialist, Windows server specialist, Linux Servers, Cisco router, switching and wireless configuration, LAN, WAN, VLAN, OSPF, BGP, DNS, DHCP, scripts, procedure, strong problem solving, GPO creation, WSUS, WDS Server, Office 365, Exchange Server, backup routines.

Member of a consulting team that with competency and passion in 4 years we tripled the revenues of the company brought more clients and grow with the team capacitation to learn and provide more solutions. Experience handling Infrastructure as Windows Server Active Directory with the creation of scripts and GPO to automate resources to the client computers, creation management and migration servers since Windows 2003 to 2016 versions, file servers with a folder structure and the user level permission via NTFS and Sharing permission, using of tools as DFS, File Management Tasks, Quota Management, Remote Storage Network, backup routine to run everyday keeping the integrity of the files and recovering files when necessary, Exchange Servers integrated to the AD configuring each user a mailbox and automated configured on each ones outlook,Office 365 integration with AD server or Azure. Linux O.S. with file server SAMBA making possible sharing files with Windows OS, Dansguardian to protect the network using IP tables, Squid server to cache the pages on a local server optimizing the requests to the internet, Cisco Routers and switching creation of sub interfaces on a router making share connection with different bandwidths on each interface, connecting remote offices using a wan connection, configuring these interfaces to work with the protocol DOT1Q to became the VLAN that will be configured on the switch core and distributing to the clients using the VTP protocol. Virtual Servers using VMware or Hyper-V creating servers easily and managing disaster recover using backups of the full virtual server, HA making critical servers into a host and being monitored and if it fails the server is moved to another host with no stops.  Hardware and software troubleshooting, SQL database, WSUS to manage the updates for clients releasing the critical and no critical keeping under approval. I´m confident that I will be an asset to your organization for those very reasons.

It is vital companies can keep and provide integrity of their information using the technology resources maintaining the safety, the availability and the integration of the systems. I take pride in knowing I can help setup and maintain those various settings. Through continuous education and research, I´m up-to-date on the market technology resources and have experience in the old ones as 2000/2003 Microsoft servers. It´s my focus ensuring that the I.T. be confident avoiding stops and availability of the work for everyone.

Building a strong, focused, and dedicated team has helped me develop a successful career thus far. I believe in professional development  leading by example, and that you are only as strong as your weakest link. I hope to help your existing team and be a positive role model for administration compliance and identifying potential improvements.