Specialist on foundry of metals

2014-07 CUJAE Ingenieur in Metallurgie und Werkstoffkunde

I have experience in the area of investments, but I love the production area, specifically in the area of casting and shaping of metals. I would like to expand my special knowledge, learn quickly and in a very short time I am able to assimilate the material necessary for a specific task.

I am Engineer in Metallurgy and Materials. I recently arrived from Cuba and I am currently looking for work.

I am looking for an occupation where I can put my professional and language skills into practice. And in that way, to achieve success for both the company and myself. 

Currently I am taking part in a German language course. this will finish on January 2018

I like the tasks that are a challenge and require creativity. I communicate easily with people and know how to enter into a polite and constructive relationship with my colleagues. For this reason I believe that I can fit perfectly into any work team.