Reseacher in Academy or Industry

I am interested in the research field related to medicinal chemistry and molecular biology. I have knowledge in the areas of molecular modeling, molecular biology and medicinal chemistry.

I am a Ph.D. from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ-Brazil). I would like to highlight that I come from a Hybrid Post Graduation Program which englobes Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology.

I have done my research work at LASSBio (Brazil), for the past 5 years. I have been working in the field of Medicinal Chemistry mainly focused on molecular modeling studies of membrane and cytoplasmic proteins. In addition, I gained experience in structure-based drug design that led to a set of publications.

In 2014, I got the opportunity for a one-year work experience abroad in Germany in which I gained experiences in the expression of cytoplasmic proteins in insect cells, their purification, and X-ray crystallography. Furthermore, I acquired knowledge in the development of biochemical assays for protein kinases. 
In 2016 I worked as Substitute Professor at UFRJ-Brazil, teaching Pharmacology for the Pharmacy course.

 I like working together with researchers in a team and I was glad to get the opportunity to teach undergraduate students in several projects during my master and doctoral studies. My tenacity and my independent working, together with my general interest in research, allow me to develop and succeed in new projects very quickly.

I currently live in Dortmund and I am available for a four-eyes meeting to discuss a possible opportunity.