Master\'s Degree

2016-10 Universidad Complutense de Madrid Bachelor\'s Degree in English Studies
Part-time English Teacher

(2010 - 2012) ESL Teaching in Colegio San José, Cuenca, SPAIN

I have a Bachelor\'s Degree in English Studies and a two-year working experience in ESL Lesson Planning with a successful performance of task-oriented pairwork activities, fill the gap exercises, and kinesthetic learning. In 2016, I attended a course on English Teaching Methodology in order to design assignments and tests based on the four skills of language: writing, speaking, reading and listening. I have also studied other teaching methodologies such as the Audiolingual ApproachTotal Physical ResponseSilent Way or (CLT) Communicative Language Teaching.

With regards to literature, I belong to the Spanish Tolkien Society, a literary club in which we study the nature of Secondary Worlds (e.g. Middle-earth, Narnia, etc.) as well as Medieval folk tales, fairytales and mythology. Furthermore, I am interested in dystopian novels that represent the psychological consciouness of isolation in the British islands through George Orwell\'s 1984, William Golding\'s Lord of the Flies or Aldous Huxley\'s Brave New World. Notwithstanding and even though I have studied fantasy and dystopian narratives in depth, I particularly like Gender Studies, Postcolonial Literature and African-American Studies, an alternative literary Canon that complements the essence of Western Literature and it is quite often forgotten in most universities.