Teaching Assistant, Teacher and activity instructor in schools

2014-06 University of Athens BSc in Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy
2017-06 University of Derby MA in Education

\"Inspirative Arts\", Derby. Creative movement instructor in primary school

Paid Job

\"Magical Maths\" Club, Derby. Part time paid job as teacher assistant in primary school


Assistant and Dance movement facilitator in SEN (Special Education Needs) enviroment, Greece

I have obtained my bachelor degree in Education and Psychology and I have more than 5 years working experience in the field of education. I have worked with a range of age groups supporting children with additional support needs (both in Greece and the UK). My two years internship as a Dance instructor in a popular care service in Greece helped me to improve my professional practices providing Creative Dance movement sessions to students with emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. My educational background has fostered my knowledge in school psychology and creative teaching practices. Those developed skills enabled me to thoughtfully design my dance movement sessions in order to link with the objectives of the school curriculum and also to provide sound emotional foundation to the students through various joyful movement activities. Furthermore, to obtain further experience in the field of creative arts, I became a volunteer in creative and expressive arts organization in Derby.
These experiences have reinforced my interest to explore the beneficial aspect of Creative dance from academic point of view. Recently, the findings of my Dissertation research based on teachers’ perception suggested that the integration of Creative Dance movement can add significant value to the school curriculum. In particular, it can play a crucial role in supporting students in   early years foundation stage to improve numeracy, and literacy skills, increase self-esteem, and develop healthy social interaction and physical condition.

Personal Summary
Although my professional training and education to date has largely involved special education needs, the skills and knowledge I have gained about children’s learning and development is transferrable to a range of educational environments. Some commonality includes the use of Dance and Movement as a leverage for learning and a means to improve students’ holistic development, not necessarily as a therapeutic intervention. With my first degree in classics to underpin what I do, I have devised creative strategies for teaching topics like nature study, history, maths and literacy and numeracy skills (although not limited to these). Within this, there is some emphasis on the use of creativity to address factors like self-esteem, communication and relationship skills, which if addressed, are known to improve academic achievement.
Whilst living in Greece I gained 5 years of experience working as a teacher in private tuition. This involved teaching primary and high school students subjects relating to the classics. I also worked with students with learning difficulties (5 to 17 years old) in a SEN environment, did two years internship as a Creative Dance Movement Facilitator in the local Foster Care Centre and successfully developed and delivered Dance Movement sessions for students to address their social and emotional wellbeing. During my studies for my master’s in Education degree in Derby, in the UK more recently, I have worked at an after school club and in an organization offering art therapy, often supporting students with dyslexia and ADHD. I believe my experience so far shows I can adapt to suit a diverse group of children in education. Whether this is in teaching role, facilitator of individual and group work or as teaching assistant/support worker.
Core Qualifications
MA in Education, University of Derby, UK studying full time, due for completion May 2017
BSc in Pedagogy, Psychology and Philosophy, University of Athens 2008 to 2014
Other Academic Qualifications and criteria for working in education
Transferable Skills
ï‚· I am confident working independently or within a team and have good time management, planning and organizational skills.
ï‚· I have experience to support me in the classroom environment (including as a teacher or in a supportive way as assistant).
ï‚· I have a good understanding of what it can mean to improvise to adapt what I do to meet the needs of others and the individual learner.
ï‚· I have a well-informed theoretical foundation of knowledge to contribute to the learning of others and inform my own practice.
ï‚· I am self-motivated, inspired by what I learn and my higher level of education demonstrates what I can bring to enhance the school learning environment.
ï‚· Although English is not my first language, I am proficient in speaking and writing in this language.
Summary of Experience – Volunteering and Paid Work in Derby
2016-17 ‘Inspirative Arts’, Derby - volunteer
‘Magical Maths’ Club,Derby – part time paid
2009-16 Private tuition of primary and high school students, Greece
Assistant and Dance Movement Facilitator in SEN environment, Greece
Creative Dance Movement Facilitatorin local Foster Care Centre, Greece
ï‚· English Language C1
ï‚· Italian Language B2
ï‚· DBS clearance and IELTS certification
ï‚· First Aid Pediatric Certificate
ï‚· BTEC Level 2 Award Certificate in Supporting Activity Provision